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What we doing everyday since decades?

We are Filemaker Developer since 3 decades, which means that on the one hand we have real Filemaker developer Expertise.

We work for a great diversity of companies that we have the pleasure of serving successfully.

We serve several prestigious industries & companies around the world.

We almost work with the USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and few others countries.

We are first and foremost a Filemaker developer team. We tailoring solutions on demand. But we also continue to update your actual Filemaker solution.

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We proudly solve client problems every single day

Filemaker Pro Developer Expert Team
We work on Mac, Win, Devices, Net

Why Filemaker?

Contrary to popular belief, a Custom Filemaker solution often costs much less and what is definitely much more efficient and scalable over time. For your information, we continue to update customers for solutions deployed over 20 years ago! - What solution to date would allow it? NO OTHER!

We mainly develop all around Filemaker App.

Very often help customers to avoid double entries (which is expensive for the company in addition due to the risk of errors).

We interconnect Filemaker with other solutions present in business but also with your existing internet solutions

How our customers review our job?

Last OSeaco REAL Reviews from REAL Customers

that demonstrate clearly we are a professional Filemaker Pro Developer Expert Team

Real Case study - One of the Filemaker Crm we developed from scratch

  • OSqin Crm Dashboard
    OSqin Crm Dashboard

Few reasons why we are one
of the most effective Filemaker Pro Developer Expert Team

Filemaker Pro Development

We do all the development around Filemaker.

Filemaker Integration

We develop with Filemaker Pro of course but also with many API, like the Filemaker PHP API, the Filemaker DATA API, and also Filemaker Wordpress API, and Filemaker Woocommerce API, Filemaker Google Api and many more...

Filemaker Pro Update

We are allowed to update your existing database especially if your Filemaker Pro Database system is complex.

Filemaker on Mobile Devices

We develop and Sync with Filemaker Pro your Website and mobile App.

Keys Filemaker
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