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OSqin - Filemaker Crm fully integrated with Wordpress & Woocommerce


  • OSqin Crm Dashboard
    OSqin Crm Dashboard

OSeaco - Expert Filemaker Developers Team on Mac, Win, Devices, Net

Few reasons why we are one
of the most effective Filemaker Pro Developer Team in the universe

Filemaker Pro Development

We do all the development around Filemaker.

Filemaker Integration

We develop with Filemaker Pro of course but also with many API, like the Filemaker PHP API, the Filemaker DATA API, and also Wordpress API, and Woocommerce API, Google Api and many else.

Filemaker Pro Update

We are allowed to update your existing database especially if your Filemaker Pro Database system is complex.

Filemaker on Mobile Devices

We develop and Sync with Filemaker Pro your Website and mobile App.


  • Expert Filemaker developers Team
  • We work with Mac, Win, Server, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod & WebDirect
  • We integrate Filemaker and Websites and App.
  • Specialist about Filemaker link with Wordpress
  • Specialist about Filemaker link with Woocommerce
  • Specialist about Filemaker link with Mailchimp
  • Portal between Filemaker (PHP API or DATA API Json) & your website
  • Work with many other Api, or links.
  • We still work on Filemaker 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17, 18

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Why you should hire us...

We are a Talent Filemaker Developer Team, with a real and long experience. We have also a very good expertise regarding what a company need in term of management and analyze. Is not only question of coding and design!

Today the real expertise is the key of your success! We have it - Call us now and you will see that!

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