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Sales Team Management Software

Sales Team Management Software is a module of OseacO. OseacO Vendors, is a fantastic tools than every vendors should use every single day. This module will help every seller to organize and to follow all business activities as Call back a client, don't miss any appointment, and this with only one software. Very simply you will follow your objective and compute your turnover, margin and of course your commissions.
Vendors details The vendor is the first link between a client and your company. It's simply strategic! It's why when the first contact is doing, immediately the customer will feel and will judge your company. With this software you maximize the chance to return to this client a very professional picture of your company. The client can ask any question, the vendor even our of the office, should reply about the model of the item the client dream, he can also confirm the price and negotiate intelligently. He will know if in one or your warehouses you have stock, and if not when you should receive from your factory or supplier. It's simply very pro reactive with a simple Ipad, Iphone or even an Ipod connection on internet.
Marketing and E-Marketing Imagine how it's simple to setup a commercial operation. You have already many prospect and client in your database. You should every period prepare a new marketing plan. Over this you can print out all addresses and send by mail, or more cheap, and more reactive you can also prepare an emailing campaign. This module can send email by email automatically or by group of quantity, base on your volume and strategy. You can also, after make your selection, export your email list and send by any software you want or provider you work already with.
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