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Crm Application Osqin - Dashboard

Crm Application Osqin - Dashboard

Filemaker Developer Expert

Filemaker Developer Expert Team with long decades of experience (Mac, Windows, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Web Direct and Web portal). With Oseaco CRM you are in relationship for long time. Our priority is the client Satisfaction!

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Get an real idea how this software works, and what are the functions and modules. It's a very complete and powerful software. (Simple to read don't need to be a developer)

Sales Team Management

OseacO Vendors, can follow either exploration or through direct marketing, commercial evening visits prospects to monitor the full work of a salesman, a sector, or a commercial department, or the complete team. This module will help your sales team to optimize them job and upgrade strongly the sales.

Sales Management Software

OseacO Sales Management, will let you follow in detail all steps and procedures since the commercial Offer, that should be transfer in Commercial Order, that should be transfer in Delivery and finally in Invoice. You also can transfer the Order in delivery directly or in invoice, and the Order to invoice as well.

Transfer one Commercial Order to Multiple Suppliers Orders

OseacO Multi Suppliers Orders Management, will let you transfer one order to one or multiple supplier Orders and that in one single click. You will safe a lot time with this module.

Inventories Serialized & Sub Products

OseacO Inventory Management is compatible with unlimited warehouse. A technical car or truck can also to be a warehouse. This module integrate the entry in stock, the exit from stock and the transfer. This module is fully compatible with Serialized items.

Project Management Software

OseacO Inventory Management is completely link all other modules. It let you manage inside the software all documents needed to follow all projects. You can manage unlimited project. All project are link with the Buying module and sales Modules.

Park Management Software

OseacO Park Management is one of the nuts of this software. Imagine, after confirm the commercial delivery, or invoice if you have jumped the delivery step, you will automatically powered all datas to complete all information about the client's park.

Constructor Warranty Management

OseacO Constructor Warranty Management, works in full transparency with the Client's park Management, Yes! As you understand, without any other job, you are right now able to manage the constructor warranty time.

Maintenance Contracts Management

OseacO Maintenance Contracts Management, is one of the very powerful module. First of all he will let you record unlimited of type of Maintenance contract. OseacO Maintenance Contracts Management is able to manage the 'standard' contract that you invoice every period, but the must you can also manage all machine until 10 counts like a copy machine, printer, forklift, etc.

After Sales Management

OseacO After Sales Management, is a complete module to help our client that provide maintenance to them clients. Since the client's call, to the report and After Sales invoice, or affect parts, time and moving to the maintenance contract.

Technician Inventory Management Software

OseacO After Sales Management also including a special technical staff management. Them car or truck can also be a inventory where they will take over the parts to fix the client's problem.

Contract Profitability Analysis

OseacO After Sales Management link with the Park Management during the constructor warranty, and/or link with the Maintenance contract Management, is a so powerful complementary modules to understand the profitability of the After Sales Department, and the contract management. In one single click you will know if the contract with this client, or machine let you win money.

Users Management

OseacO Users Management is fully integrated at the software. Because it's extremely important to secure all data and give authorization at the right staff, for all module or even for pages you can by group of users, or by user make a strong setup.


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Why choose us?

Why choose OSeaco Crm?

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Explore the Endless Possibilities in a Single Software working by Modules!

Explore the Endless Possibilities in a Single Software working by Modules!
OseacO is a modern, clean and super flexible multi-purpose CRM. We can develop for you base on this huge software and make it totally as a glove for your company. It is constantly improved with new features and functionality. Through its revolutionary auto updater module you will be directly informed of an update and you can deal with an incredible simplicity. Power you company with the Best technology OseacO and get all the features you will need! Filemaker
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