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Filemaker developer Since 1988

We have developed our first Filemaker Database for a high court. At the time too we had to manage so many data, audiences dates, subject, judges and schedule. But this first version was absolutely not powerful as what we know now. But it was really a revolution and the customer was very happy. Next was naturally a law firm and another one and go the industrial from mouth to ear!

Filemaker ODBC


OSeacO Filemaker

Filemaker is long story in our personal and professional life right now. We have started to use Filemaker since 1990 with the version #1! We have developed so many and different application, it will be impossible to list them here. But to know more about-us, we have working for High Courts, Law firms, Accounting Firms, Production Companies, Many different Factories, Commercial Team, Sales Team, Associations, Software for Webmasters, and After Sales Management (Dealer of Canon, Sharp, Siemens, Oce, HP,...) Read more about Filemaker Wordpress ODBC

OSeacO Filemaker


1 – Our Vision
A world striving for sustainable excellence.

2 – Our Mission
As a Filemaker Developer Team, we inspire organizations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate.



Independent about all code we are providing. With over 24 years experiences we are developing with Filemaker around the world. We have gained a strong reputation and expertise meet the many needs of our many customers.



We decided to work with OSeacO there are 15 years. They continue to cover perfectly our need. They help us with new technologies to follow up our company. They are particularly clever about production and inventory.

Samantha Bernardo Filemaker
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