Filemaker Database and More

Here we would like to give you some ideas of what you can do with a FileMaker database. This list has only one ambition what is to inform you about some example between Filemaker and current digital environment. It exsite many other examples that are not necessarily listed here.

Power of Filemaker:

Filemaker developer since 1990, we have been working as Filemaker developer since the Version 1! From this period we have appreciate really the power of Filemaker. It’s very long experience right?. From this first version until today, we seen the fantastic evolution of Filemaker. Since long time it’s easy to import or export data with Filemaker. But also you can be able to ‘link’ your Filemaker database with so many others application even couple of online solutions. Here you will find some ideas regarding how you really can enjoy Filemaker. Some examples:
Google Calendar (Without plugin):
From Filemaker you can populate, update, or delete an event into your Google calendar live. You can also have multiple calendar on Google.ICalendar (Without plugin): Do you know that, google calendar can also be a relay to auto populate Icalendar without any plugin!
Google map Multiple flag integration.

Get the GPS:.

Get the latitude and the longitude on your Filemaker database.

Compute the distance between two points.

Get the latitude and the longitude on your Filemaker database.

Receive Email into Filemaker and grab data automatically

or Any print and put it back into a container field into Filemaker. Can be very powerful to all people who have to manage documents (like law firm).

Send SMS live from Filemaker

You can send / receive SMS with Filemaker. Some functions can work without additional plugin.

QR-Code generator including into your Filemaker Database

BarCode Generator integrated into Filemaker

Can be generated, read it natively with an Ipad or an Iphone, and of course can be printed on a label Printer or any commercial document (estimate, order, PO, invoices or whatever)

TODO Filemaker Layout

Download data from Mysql (probably the database your website used), and upload any update from Filemaker to your website. I another world use Filemaker as fantastic Back office to manage all your business.

Filemaker and Wordpress

Connect Filemaker with your website Wordpress

Filemaker and Woocommerce

Connect Filemaker with your website Wordpress & Woocommerce (fully integrated)

Make your Filemaker database Multiple Language (unlimited)

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